Wednesday, July 26, 2006

One more night, gimme just one more night...

Soooo, it's T-plus-3h50. Basically, after a full afternoon's and night's packing and more packing and then packing again, we gave up at 7:45 this morning and called our mover to reschedule to tomorrow. We're just waiting to hear back if he is coming in the morning (our preference) or the afternoon (he had another job in the a.m. but was going to see if he could round up a second "crew" - a.k.a. two strong men).

Anyway, upon rescheduling, we took about 4 hours shut-eye and now we are getting back into it. The sunroom is virtually packed up in its entirety, so the plan is to flip the spare mattress (upon which we slept this morning, since, again, the other bed is not useable at the mo') and then stack as many of the boxes as we can in there, in order to make room elsewhere in the apartment.

And there's a bright light at the end of this (long, dark, horrid tunnel): checking in to our hotel tonight, having nice warm showers or oooh, even perhaps a bath, and then heading for drinks with a few friends. Good incentive to finish.

The low point last night should have been the moment when I tore a 4-cm gash across my upper thigh (filing cabinets have super-pointy corners!) and then found that band-aids just aren't made long enough to cover such injuries. Or perhaps it was when we discovered the colony of silverfish living in an old plant pot. Then again, maybe it was when both Randal and I took some Tylenol in a (failed) attempt to ease the dull pain we both had in our feet from standing for so long.

But none of those make the cut. Yes, the highlight of the night can only be the moment just after 11:00 p.m. (remember my comment about unforeseen items?) when I opened the bottom cupboard door in the kitchen, which is rather deep and has "back country" that we haven't explored in a while, started pulling items out, and discovered a minefield of little black droppings. So it turns out our dog was not crazy after all. There are pipes that run from the floor to the sink in that cupboard, and between where the pipe comes out and the back of the cupboard, it is completely open to whatever is below! The mouse had helped itself to generous helpings from our bag of skim milk powder (which we haven't used in a few months). Anyway, in addition to the food, we threw out all the plastic dishes (containers, etc.) in that cupboard, washed all the pots and pans thoroughly, and cleaned out the cupboard. I just checked now and there are no signs of life - Randal had fashioned a sort of cover over the hole using sandwich container covers, and they look undisturbed. Blech.

On that note, back to packing!

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