Thursday, July 27, 2006

7.5 hours...

We just got back from visiting our swanky hotel room at the Novotel in the Market. We had a nasty run-in with a nasty taxi cab driver who wanted to charge us $10 for one extra bag (according to their regulations, they can charge up to $10 for any bags over 4, and we had 5 - the key term here being "up to"), then a much nicer cabbie (after I sent the first one away) who put the extra bag in his front passenger seat without us even having to ask. The Novotel is SWANK - did I mention? Because of our late check-in (10:00 p.m.), we were upgraded - for our entire 3-night stay - to a fancier room with a king-sized bed (we had booked just a standard king-sized room). We took quick showers then met our friend Rob who lives near there for a quick drink and bite to eat in the hotel lounge.

The bathroom door is like a double french door with frosted panes. It's gorgeous.

If only we were there instead of here. We're confident this won't be an all-nighter (we have about 2 hours' work left), but favour has, sadly, not been on our side the past few days.

I hear the hotel in Tokyo, where we spend 2 or 3 nights, is also tres chic. If only one could afford to live like this all the time :)

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