Thursday, March 16, 2006

uten / unten

There are two Japanese words this week, thanks to the fact that I am not yet very good at deciphering spoken Japanese. In class yesterday, one of my classmates said something to the effect of, "Watashi wa uten suki desu," instantly sending me into a flurry of "jisho o yonde imasu" (reading my dictionary) in order to figure out what he had said. Ahhh, he likes uten - "rainy weather." Nice. What a great sentence. Kind of poetic.

During the class break, however, it turned out that Devon in fact was not particularly a fan of rainy weather at all and that what he had actually said was, "Watashi wa unten shite imasu" - that he is able to drive a car (or to operate a machine, depending on the exact context in which the statement was intended to be made).

So, the Japanese Words of The Week:

uten = rainy weather
unten = operation of an automobile or machinery; with the verb form being unten suru.

Wakarimasen ka?


jerome said...

So what's the word for momohiki weather?

julie said...

"Canada". Spelt like it sounds.