Sunday, March 12, 2006

The guilt stops here...

I have been recently accused (mostly in email) of not updating this blog often enough to satisfy the insatiable curiousity of my readers ... a number of whom, I feel obliged to add, do not in fact have or maintain blogs and so are clearly unaware that, in most people's lives, blog-worthy events do not happen everyday (we cannot all be as prolific and interesting as Rebecca, for example).

I obviously need a hobby or something. I'm not going to get married anytime soon, nor have a baby, so those kinds of keeping-your-blog-frequently-updated-events are out of the question. Maybe I need to travel overseas again. Yes, that sounds ideal, but I'm afraid I'm not in a position to divulge further information on that topic at this current point in time ... however, STAY TUNED (hehehe - see? now I've suckered you all in to continuing to read my blog, at least for a little while yet*).

In other news, the weather seems to be finally turning the corner here in the nation's capital. Yesterday, it was about 6°C, giving some of those giant piles of snow a chance to melt a bit. It was a gorgeous mild day and as I donned my sparkly green scarf (a fashion, not for-warmth, scarf) and my jean jacket (yippee!), I actually entertained the thought that Ottawa might not be so bad after all. (A common misconception held by many people who have just suffered through yet another Ottawa winter.) Anyway, Randal and I celebrated by going to the National Gallery of Canada. Neither of us had been in ages (him about two years, and me about seven!). I had to go see the exhibit on Norval Morrisseau, an influential, and pioneering, Canadian First Nations artist, for my Art History class. Anyway, the exhibit was great - it is apparently the first at the National Gallery dedicated solely to a First Nations artist - and while I am not overly familiar with this style of art (though my mother owns a number of items obviously influenced by it), I was really impressed by the exhibit (and now have to figure out what aspect of it I shall write about for my 2500-3000 word essay which is due in a few weeks - yikes).

Today it rained for the first half of the day, reducing those snowbanks even further. I really feel no sadness in saying goodbye to winter - that either makes me a perfect Canadian, or an unusual one, I'm not sure which. We took the dog for a walk toward the end of the day, resulting in our little white fluffball being completely black on his underside, so Randal gave him a nice long bath upon our return, and now he smells GREAT (Rion, not Randal...though Randal does smell nice too). Like vanilla and roses, with a dash of fresh puppy ... mmmmmmm.

Anyway, that is all. In other updates, you will note I have added a number of features to the blog's sidebar over the past week or two. I have also added a few reviews to pixxiefish in the stacks as well as modified somewhat the layout there. And for those who persist in claiming I don't update the blog enough, hopefully you have noted that I have added quite a few photos to my Flickr account over the last month or two (and a good number of Malaysia photos in the past two weeks). So there.

* Because I am terrible at keeping my own secrets, here's a hint: pixxiefish in the sea may be going over the sea to a land of plenty that starts with "J" and ends with "n", but pixxiefish will not know anything for sure until April or May, so please be patient - she will let you know as soon as she knows.


Rebecca said...

I'm terribly flattered that you think I'm an interesting and prolific blogger. I'll try real hard not to let it go to my head :) (Now, where's my crown? Where are my minions?)

Waterlily said...

Jordan? Jamaican? I give up.