Thursday, December 15, 2005

Baby, it's cold outside...

Earlier this fall, I heard a news report that it was going to be a mild winter for most of Canada ... except southern Ontario and Quebec. So here we are, temperature according to CBC radio online at a mere -16.9 degrees Celsius.

Because I am a dingbat, even though I knew it would be miserable cold out, I decided to wear a skirt today, since we have a Christmas party at work later today and I thought it would be nice to wear something a little dressier. There is a lot of "gear" associated with wintertime: this morning, my particular mix included a big thick multicoloured scarf with matching gloves and non-matching but equally multicoloured hat (note: Julie needs a nice solid-coloured dark brown or beige hat for Christmas, since the two patterns really don't match but it's the only hat she has), a long full-length charcoal grey jacket, really thick hiking socks, and sleek black knee-high boots. Despite this, my knees were a screaming red colour by the time I arrived - I thought the era of the legwarmer was (happily) over, but what else is one to do when all wrapped up snugly except for little knees poking out every time I stepped forward? I guess I need to learn to float to work, just gravitating my way forward.

Well, at least I am headed for warmer weather. Tomorrow night we fly to Toronto for an early Christmas. Oh wait - that's still southern Ontario, isn't it? Right. And then next Wednesday we fly even further west, to Winnipeg where we will spend a week with Randal's family. At least Winnipeg is supposed to be benefitting from this "mild winter"; though in Winnipeg terms, I think that means it will be -25 rather than -40. (I'm not exaggerating!) So alas, there's no escaping it. I think I just need to get this winter nonsense over with entirely and move to Vancouver. :)


Waterlily said...

When I was your age, we wore mini-skirts--this applied to the coats too. We'd chop up the bottom of last year's warm winter coat and re-hem to one inch below the panty line. And then, we walked ten miles to school (uphill both ways).
Leg-warmers: no.
Pantyhose: yes.

jerome said...

You wouldn't like it here, we're actually seeing frost (gasp!) in the mornings.

julie said...

Phew! Thank goodness you've convinced me, Jerome, with your comment to not move to Vancouver. At least we're not seeing anything as shocking as frost in the mornings here in Ottawa. Well, to be entirely exact about the matter, we're not seeing ANYTHING this morning because it's all buried under 10 inches of snow (and counting)!

Also: I decided to be smarter today and wear pants, despite another Christmas party which is scheduled to be held this afternoon. Of course, it turns out that today is only snowy - mild as mild can be - a very knee-friendly day. But there's no changing now!