Monday, October 03, 2005

Sneak Preview

For those of you who are loyal/bored enough to check my blog everyday, here is a sneak preview of what I have so far on my Flickr site. I haven't finished putting captions on the last bunch of Thailand photos. I encourage you to go through the Sets instead of the Photostream; then you'll get 'em in order (so far, only Japan and Thailand). I wanted to get the Thailand photos all up tonight properly with captions, etc., then put a nice little Flickr logo here on my blog, but I must stop due to exhaustion. Who would've thought that working in a library all day, going out for dinner, then uploading and editing pictures in Flickr would be almost as exhausting as a 6-hour hike in the Thai jungle??? Well, it is. So there.

I'll try to finish editing the Thailand pictures tomorrow or Wednesday, but no promises. Tomorrow we are finally off to see Serenity, which opened on Friday (Rebecca saw it opening night) and we can't wait! (Well, we were supposed to go see it tonight, dinner being a prelude to the movie, but it's a long (and slightly dull) story as to why we never made it there.)

Other than that, I have spent the last week or so playing The Sims (never played before - Randal gave me his old copy). Addictive but annoying if you are like me and like hard-and-fast goal-oriented computer/video games (of the highest calibre, of course, such as Rollercoaster Tycoon and Katamari Damacy). At the same time that it annoys me, I find it oddly compelling. But do not - I repeat, do not! - adopt a baby if someone telephones you and offers you this chance: your Sim will never get a proper night's sleep again. You thought you were exhausted before!

Speaking of sleep, that is where I am headed. Good night!


Stuart said...

Wait, what were you in Thailand for? Hmm?

julie said...

Just before moving to Ottawa from Toronto, I spent two months travelling last summer (July-Aug 2004) in Southeast Asia: 8 days in Japan, 3 weeks in Thailand, 2 weeks in Malaysia, 3 days in Singapore, a week in Bali/Lombok. And I must, I need to, go back!!! ...But no one gets to see any more photos until I upgrade to a Pro Flickr account (I'm out of room)!

Randal said...


Meet me at the pad thai stand at the end of Khao San, ok??

Call me, dude!!

Stuart said...