Thursday, September 01, 2005

Happy 4th...

It is my brother Jerome's and Agnes' fourth wedding anniversary today - Happy Anniversary, guys! When I get home tonight, I may stick a photo of you two up, so beware... :)

Jerome is actually not in Vancouver with Agnes celebrating his anniversary today, but in Hull, just across the river (literally) from me in Ottawa, working on some project (he is an engineering consultant) for the weekend. So he and I will, at some point in the next few days, be toasting his four years of married bliss. Which will be nice since, considering geographic realities of Canada, I don't get to see him very often anymore.

* Added 11:15 p.m. As promised:

I always liked this photo as one of my favourite from their wedding; they both look very natural and happy.

Also just got back from having dinner with Jerome - we ate and ate and talked, and it was good fun. Tomorrow we will likely go out again.


Waterlily said...

Happy Anniversary, Jerome and Agnes! and many more!

Rebecca said...

Wow - has it really been four years? I remember the summer of the wedding. Congrats, guys!