Thursday, May 26, 2005

Never enough time ...

So it's my last day in Amsterdam. Blogging has been a bit harder than I thought it might be, simply because Internet cafes aren't as widespread as I had hoped. There have been Internet terminals in the two hostels we stayed at (we went back to the Stadsdoelen after the weekend at the Vondelpark) but expensive. 1 Euro (I can see the key for the Euro-sign on my keyboard but can't figure out how to access it) for 12 minutes, whereas at the Internet cafe we like to use it is 2 Euros for one hour. Much better. Except it's only open till 10:00 p.m., which meant we showed up after it had closed quite a few nights. (When Randal was here last a few years ago, it was open 24-hours.)

So Tuesday I was in the process of writing a witty post (but of course!) about all our adventures over the weekend, when we decided on the spur of the moment to go see Star Wars : Revenge of the Sith, which was playing right away at the theatre next door. In a nutshell, better than the first two by a long shot, but still disappointing compared to the original three. Hayden Christensen is nothing short of an awful actor. I did enjoy the Emperor, however - I must find out (when I get back home) if it is the same actor who originally played the Emperor because he is certainly bang-on.* Anyway, that was exciting and the theatre was beautiful. It looks like an old refurbished church, with a balcony level as well for seating. Nice plush comfy seats. Popcorn over here is strange, though. It tasted like the stuff you get at a Kernels store rather than Movie Popcorn. Still good, though.

So, since last time I posted in a nutshell.

Thursday evening we went to the Anne Frank Museum. Friday was the move over to the Vondelpark, plus we went to the Torture Museum (nothing short of fascinating). Saturday we hit a local market, then later in the afternoon went to the Amsterdam Historical Museum. Great museum, but you must go earlier in the day, we soon discovered. Sunday we exhausted ourselves at the Rijksmuseum, then in the evening had dinner-and-a-show with Boom Chicago, a comedy improv troupe of Americans who have been performing here for about 12 years. VERY FUNNY. Monday we exhausted ourselves at the Vincent van Gogh Museum - it was marvelous, though it turns out that when I was in France about 9 years ago, and some American guy told me that I had to go to Amsterdam in order to see the famous "Starry Night", well, HE WAS WRONG. "Starry Night", according to the friendly folk at the Vincent van Gogh Museum (and they should know!), is in fact part of the collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Figures.

Well, luckily my Amsterdam trip was not in vain, despite the absence of "Starry Night". We bought many goodies at the Museum. On Tuesday, we went back to the Amsterdam Historical Museum and spent the entire afternoon there (we still had to hurry near the end - it's one of the more comprehensive museums of that type that I've been in). And Star Wars that evening. Yesterday we asked about bike tours, since it was finally beautiful weather. But nothing really interests us. We did some shopping, and then at 5:00 went on a private boat tour of Amsterdam with a group called Sint Nicolaas Boat Club . They're a non-profit group who restores old boats, etc., that we found out about through Boom Chicago. If I had more time (my Internet money is running out!) I'd look for a website address. Maybe another time.** After the tour, we went back to Boom Chicago to see another one of their shows. And now we are here, Thursday, off to shop and wander one last time. Maybe a museum if some time. Leave really early tomorrow (have to be at airport by about 6:30 a.m.).

* Added Sunday, May 29 @ 11:01 by Julie : The Emperor is indeed played by the same actor (Ian McDiarmid) in both the original Star Wars movies and the new prequels.

** Added Sunday, May 29 @ 11:16 by Julie : As you will note, I found the website address and have added it! :)

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