Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Good evening, shoppers. There is a seniors' special in Aisle 7."

March 22, 2011

When I bought this a few weeks ago, Randal said out loud what I had been secretly fearing in my heart - that a day-of-the-week pill dispenser is what old people buy. Yup, this is now the only way I can keep track of what day it is - Tuesday: have I had my pills yet today? (Don't worry; I took this photo yesterday - yes, I know today is Wednesday.)

sigh - I'm sure Depends, dinner at 4 p.m., and people ceding their seat to me on the bus is not far behind.*

Something else to which I have resorted in my old age: liquid diets:
March 13, 2011

Yeah, OK, maybe not.

Jerome and Nadia came over the weekend before last with a bunch of things they had brought back for us from my parents' house in Toronto, and to thank them, we made cream soda ice cream floats. They were so pretty! And tasty, too. As if that needs to be pointed out.

Finally, I am now going to post what is hopefully the last photo with snow in it for this winter.**

Compare last week Tuesday with this week Tuesday:

March 15, 2011 Gasp! Could it be???

There's hope yet, no?

* Seriously, though, I am currently on anti-coagulants for a blood clot I suffered on the flight home from Egypt (yeah, as if going to Egypt in January wasn't exciting enough on its own), and I have to take a different amount of pills most days, so in my defence, this really is the only way I can keep track. At least, that's what I will tell the social services people when they try to cart me away to a long-term care home.

** Dang. I just jinxed myself real good, didn't I?


Rebecca said...

Those floats DO look tasty!

As long as it doesn't snow tomorrow, it's all good. And I will be bringing gingerbread cookies, too :)

Waterlily said...

Did you know that in the last 70 years, there were only THREE years with no snow in April???

Please pass me one of those tasty pink drinks. I'm going to need it.