Tuesday, January 04, 2011

photography lesson*

January 3, 2011

Ignoring the fact that I obviously needed to crop the photo a little bit more at the bottom, I think this is a much better attempt at Lucky Cat's portrait than my first attempt, which was face-on, and how I take way too many of my photos of objects. Don't you think?

January 3, 2011     vs.     January 3, 2011

Probably higher shadow contrast would have been even better. But I think the 1/4 profile shot makes Lucky Cat look almost, y'know, a little wistful...

* This is my somewhat-daily photo, a day late. I would have posted last night but I started running all my virus scanners and so had to wait till today. Deal with it. This blog makes no claims or guarantees of timeliness.


Mark Reynolds said...

The quarter profile is indeed better, and he does look wistful. Perhaps he's sad you're not taking him to Egypt?

julie said...

If he's a good Lucky Cat, I will bring him back a pyramid.