Thursday, December 03, 2009

Photoblog: The Tale of Gnome Chumpsky [1]

once upon a time, a gnome went to a quiet garden to muse about the meaning of life.

tale of gnome chumpsky 1
but suddenly, the garden gnome started to think that maybe this wasn't such a nice, innocuous garden after all...

tale of gnome chumpsky 2
time to take matters into his own hands.

tale of gnome chumpsky 3
... and the gnome flees the awful scene on his trusty bicycle before the police arrive on the scene.

tale of gnome chumpsky 4
many animals came to pay their respects to the fallen plant monster. their sympathy was tempered, however, by the ghosts of cows that the plant had consumed.

tale of gnome chumpsky 5
eventually the site was abandoned, as it gave everyone the willies, and signs were posted to keep out.

tale of gnome chumpsky 6
land prices later skyrocketed, however, and an enterprising developer built fancy condos on the site. rumour has it the beckhams and cruises have both bought units, perched high on the edge of beautiful hatchet lake.

tale of gnome chumpsky 7
meanwhile, somewhere in southern manitoba...

tale of gnome chumpsky 8
but in the end, as is their way, the mounties got their man.

tale of gnome chumpsky 9
his plea of self-defence having failed, he was locked away in a high-security facility with other gnome miscreants, where he is likely to stay for a very long time.


And now you know, my faithful readers, why I have not been blogging these past 6 months. I've been very, very busy.

Some of you may have thought, "But you went to France this spring! You spent weekends this summer camping! Fall ushered in Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas trees and snow! People have gotten sick[3], people have gotten engaged [4], people have had babies[5]! Surely some of this was blog-worthy!"

... I understand that it was tempting to think my life is otherwise interesting. Yes, you'd think these things were blog-worthy, but well... ... ... For starters, we haven't even had any snow yet. I mean, c'mon. What else is worth writing about besides the weather?

[1] Yes, groan. But as a former communications/media studies person, I think I'm allowed.

[2] For now. Who knows what might happen when/if the gnome gets day parole? Also, I think this means I have to stop teasing my mom about her elaborate Webkinz stories, right?

[3] Not me, though both Randal and Rion have had that honour, to mention but two within my immediate household.

[4] Also not me, though my good friend Rebecca T. falls in that camp.

[5] Definitely not me, though a few people I know fit that bill, not least of all my good friend Mark and his wife Amynah who are expecting a baby girl literally any day now.


Ladyjutea said...

You, dear woman, are cuh-razy.

Then again, I used to write stories on the premise that my friends were different foods and it was called the Foodietales.

Perhaps we are kindred spirits!

Mark Reynolds said...

"Literally any day now" kind of freaked me out. One more weekend! One more weekend is all I ask!

Waterlily said...

That is soooo adorable!

julie said...

Judy: Was Robert in them? If so, what kind of food was he? Just curious!

Mark: Hahahaha, OK, you can have one weekend. But that's it! (I believe my bet in the baby-pool was for Dec. 11 which is next Friday.)

David Michels said...

I am suitably impressed! There must have been some monumental and important task to inspire this extreme level of creativity and avoidance. Nonetheless finely crafted.