Monday, May 25, 2009


Halifax shouldn't have such nice weather while I am here; it makes me miss the town and miss the people and miss the sea and the harbour. The sky is blue, the tulips are all out (which is funny, since I missed most of them in Ottawa), the air was fresh and salty. Nice town.

On an unrelated note,* tonight was Martini Madness Nite at The Fireside. I was joined by Robin N., who I know from LOP, and Michelle H., who I went to library school with. Between the 3 of us, we polished off 2 club sodas, 4 martinis (though I thought hard about making it 5), a pound and a half of mussels, a bunch of garlic cheese bread, and a big pile of cheese nachos. A good time was had by all.**

* OK, a bit of a lie. Everyone who knows me knows that drinking makes me slightly nostalgic.

**An especially big thanks to Michelle who was a trooper and drove an hour from the Valley to Halifax just to hang out for a couple of hours before having to drive an hour back home. That's dedication to the martini cause. (And she didn't even have a martini, due to aforementioned driving.)

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