Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I just blogged...

to say I love you?

Very quick note to say I am alive. I have found an internet cafe and spent the first hour of my time here (90 minutes for the price of a drink) trying to get the keyboard to switch to English (I now know the trick) and emailing my mother (a worthy cause, methinks).

In a nutshell, Gifu is good. But I have been sick, Randal has been having apartment woes, and Rion has been having problems in Vancouver. No one in this family gets off scot-free these days! Anyway, looks like things in Van are going to be resolved soon (involving, possibly, a move to Winnipeg) and I am almost better, and hopefully Randal's lodging straightens itself out.

I have two long(ish) posts from my first and second weeks here that I will post in the next little while. Unfortunately, I do not have Internet at home yet, and Blogspot is blocked at school. So no luck there. And I wasn't planning on hitting the cafe today so didn't bring the files with me. You will just have to wait!

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