Wednesday, January 25, 2006

And the winner is...

As Rebecca would say, with her usual mix of eloquence and brevity, "Meh."*

When I was a kid, my grandmaman gave my brothers and I two great books. (I'm sure she gave us more than just two, but these two really stick out for me.) The first was It's Raining, Said John Twaining. A series of rhymes about a man trying to get out of the rain (at least, that's the fancy way of describing the book). Mainly, the rhyme sticks in my head for the third line, which introduced the notion to me of there being people in this world called "Wilmot" (though the Wilmot I later met spelled his last name "Willemott", if I remember correctly):

"It's raining," said John Twaining.
"Keep me dry," said John Rye.
"No, I will not," said John Wilmot.
"Stand over there," said John Square.

I don't remember the rest.

Anyway, the point of this post is the second book, "Could Be Worse!" by James Stevenson. A book about Grandpa who is never fazed by anything. When I decided I should post about the federal election, I'm afraid that the only thing that popped into my head was, "Could be worse!" But as bad as it looks, it could be worse: there could be a majority Tory government, for starters.

Not going to say much more on the topic; can't really add anything useful that the pundits haven't already said. I am interested in seeing how this minority government works out, and I hope that the other parties are able to keep a necessarily short leash on the Conservatives. Whatever else, it sure won't be dull.

* Actually, to be fair, she had much more than just that to say.


Waterlily said...

Your grand-mother bought you dozens and dozens of books, and I kept them all.
As for the election, this brief pause will give the Liberals time to recoup and choose a new younger leader. Then they will be back, and balance will be restored to the lilyverse.

Anonymous said...

"It's raining" said John Twaining
"Keep me dry" said John Rye
"No I will not" said John Wilmot
"We must go" said John Slow
"Go where?" said John Square
"To Jack Browning" said John Crowning
"What for?" said John Orr
"Buy some coats" said John Oats
"How many?" said John Penny
"Ten should do" said John Drew
"Wanna bet?" said John Wet

My mom used to tell me that poem when I was little. I think that's all of it