Saturday, February 12, 2005

Psychotic things my dog has done in the past 24 hours...

In order of occurrence ...

#1 : Ate an entire blue Bic pen (and not the cheap ones either, but the nice ones that are almost like a felt-tip pen). We have changed his name from Rion to Bluetongue the Mighty.

#2 : Came leaping and crashing into the bathtub whilst I was showering and then was such a happy little dog about his acrobatic antics that it was impossible to scold him. We have changed his name to Bluetongue the Mighty Wet Squirmer.

#3 : Name changed (hopefully!) one last time to Bluetongue the Mighty Wet But Ever So Meek Squirmer as he came running out of the kitchen, ears flattened in extreme fright, as he had knocked a large stick off the window-ledge in there (we use the stick to prop the kitchen window open in nice weather) and it was rolling across the floor toward him. No longer The Chaser, but now The Chased.

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